I am an awkward and eccentric person, with lots of dreams and passions; I dance like a wild goose & speak in another language half the time to make people feel outwardly uncomfortable about what just happened. You could just simply say I’m weird.

There are other things in my life that compel me. Like a beautiful photograph, a piece of artwork or a short film, or a beautiful song being sung in large gymnasiums where it bounces off the walls back into your ears; silent moments of contemplation and thought, with my focus on things above; analyzing everything and figuring them out, community with friends, family, and strangers and reading many books.

I am very passionate about loving people and am fascinated with distant cultures. The idea of picking people up out of the mud and hosing them down, making them clean and acceptable, filling them with hope, is what I am called to do.

Hope is something longed for, by each and every human that has ever lived (if they deny it or not).

The beautiful thing is — we all have been given hope. We just need to find it, and then share it around.

It is through Christ that all mankind is saved — it is by his grace that we live — and it is by his love that we move and be and are.

In other things — I am a freelance filmmaker (Stonestreet Films) and work at Chick-Fil-A to pay the bills (freelance work can be up one minute and down for the next three months… you never know).

If you saw me anywhere, you’d see me in a coffee house almost everyday, hugging my sisters and brother because we are inseparable, or sitting right here on the computer, surfing the web for things that inspire me (new non-profit/humanitarian finds, reading blogs and books, or creating a new film).

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