I am beginning to embark upon a great adventure this coming summer. I will be working as a full-time staff member with Artists Inspiring Action (AIA), a non-profit organization facilitating the networking of artists to inspire and equip people to produce art with a purpose for good: to bring hope and help to the poor and brokenhearted across the globe in direct and tangible ways.

Through this opportunity, I will be able to use my talents and skills in art and media to take action against issues of injustice globally, including human trafficking, poverty, hunger, the sex trade, and more. It will also allow me to inspire other artists and individuals to produce art for a purpose.

This summer, I will begin my first project with Artists Inspiring Action – fighting the sex trade in the United States with Sex+Money: A National Search for Human Worth – a documentary film about sex trafficking and the modern-day abolitionist movement fighting to stop it (learn more at www.sexandmoneyfilm.com).

I will be putting together a group of artists and individuals to tour with Sex+Money on their 50 state tour screening the film. Our job will be to go ahead of the team to the next city, telling people about the film and encouraging them to come to the screening. We will do this through mass media, grassroots marketing, and our different art forms (film, photography, music and painting).  We will also be promoting four other organizations alongside Sex+Money & AIA to get people involved in rescuing victims of the sex trade by handing out fliers, wearing their t-shirts, and telling people how they can get involved — (1) International Justice Mission, (2) Love 146, (3) World Vision, and (4) Not-For-Sale

After this first project with Sex+Money is over, I will be working at the Artists Inspiring Action base in Kauai-Kona, Hawaii where I will continue to work on different projects collaborating with artists and other non-profit organizations to take action against the injustices in this world.

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