Universal Salvation by Tommy Tyson // Rob Bell & Universalism Part 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on June 29, 2011

(Joyce Carroll) “Dad, what do you think of Universal Salvation?” 

(Tommy Tyson) “If Jesus wants to give us more than he promises, then it has my vote.” 

Tonight here at Shrine Mont CFO (Camp Farthest Out), I heard this quote (via Joyce Carroll, daughter of Tommy Tyson). It was hilarious.

Immediately, when I heard her say those two words, “Universal Salvation”, I jumped even more than I was to attention (not that I wasn’t listening before, my heart just jumped). Then, not to my surprise, my parents glanced over at me with this, “You better listen to this, we know you’re wrong” look. And then when I heard those words, I laughed so hard inside.

These words I think speak of the agreement we all, as Christians, should have together. We can all talk for hours and hours, asking questions and debating the scriptures and our personal interpretations (which is all well and good, and important to growth spiritually) and allow division between us (which is not from God), but in the end, we all need to agree… to hope that this becomes or already is a promise from God Himself.

It is not wrong to hope. It is wrong to judge the hope another person has with these beliefs.

But… I think there is a time coming, and could possibly be here, when these “hopes” become reality and truth.

The more and more and more I look at this topic, dwell on it, pray about it, live in its possibility, and read about it in Scripture, the more I am convinced.

I am convinced that the love of God is more than we can comprehend or fully grasp, and even more the inevitable possible possibilities of that same love for the entire world.

Yet, is it possible that it could not only be a possible promise, but a promise pointed to in Scripture?

To be continued…


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