Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on April 26, 2011

Its all about being somewhere, not going somewhere.

What does this mean? Is it talking about physical location, or where you are living, or where you are spiritually?

In the being you will go.

I was talking with my mentor, Clay McClean, about some really touchy topics that have been on my mind and been in discussion with my close friends and family. It’s a rough discussion most of the time, filled with the feeling that not only the person you are talking to, but also what you are saying, is trying to convince the other of the truth that you have seen and heard and read and experienced and breathed.

Much is to be discussed, and God is so far beyond our contemplations, doctrines, theologies, interpretations and 3 dimensional boxes we put him in. We can’t put God in our mind, but God can let his Spirit flow through and in us. But he is not confined there. He is beyond.

Through a discussion on my brothers experience with conversing with God in prayer and contemplation, he said that, even though he was far from being in the right place growing up, God met him where he was and loved and lead him to the truth, and will continue until the day he dies and leaves this earth for a temporary time. But at the time, he felt he had understood and was in the right place. But years later looked back and saw so many issues.

It’s interesting to me that we are so fully convinced of what we believe, that there is no room to show us another way that is better than what we have thought. Since we have “felt” God’s encouragement and approval of what we think and believe, then is it total truth, and there is not room for further growth, because we think we’ve got it figured out. (I think this is one of the main issues in the Church as a whole in our country).

I’ve been in this place before, where I’ve felt I’ve got it all figured out, and there is nothing else to really figure out, except a few “small” things. So, as a result, I thought I was ready to “change” the world and “do” what I think I should.

But I realized, it is not about what you want to do, but it is more about where you are. And where we are is moving us to where we are to go. Where you are tells you where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and what you are to do next. The most important of these is who you are being. Where are you located in your heart. Are you pursuing God’s humility and love? Am I? Are we letting go of our convincing arguments and “perfected” theologies or ways of imperfect human life?

This idea above is not talking of physical location, spiritual “righteousness” (knowing what you think you know to be absolute truth)… it is about letting go, and being a part of God’s heart – communal connection and experiencing beauty and humility in forms you haven’t before. Moving forward on this day, today, realizing you don’t have it all together, and that there are so many things to learn. So many ways to grow in, that you can’t settle for “I’ve figured it all out”, but “I’m an idiot, learning to be a fool so God can be beautiful in me.” Allowing room for questions, and for balancing-thought conversations, and false securities to become insecurities so you can let God’s security be in you.

Just a beginning. I am thankful for those who have been in my life that have influenced the way I think and the way I live and be. By no means am I even close to where God wants me.

More on this to come.


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