Memories from Young

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on April 20, 2011

Memories are fragile and of utmost importance. Oh, how they shape our lives. I read today how most of our experience from before can be so easily forgotten, that we only vaguely remember them. As if they didn’t happen. Maybe we remember our babysitter being super cool and bringing over our favorite games, or our first dentist appointment. But vaguely anything else.

But for me, it seems I can remember a lot. I remember smells, which remind me of places, which remind me of people and specific things that I did here or there, and what happened.

Today, we went to Kiawah Island, which was the vacation spot my family went to every year growing up. It was the best.

The smell of pine mulch mixed with the freshness of the sand and ocean. Biking for miles and miles, with the wind blowing across your sweat soaked body. The smell of fresh flowers and clean sheets, and delicious food every morning. Capture the flag with the other 300 kids on the island, making tie-dye t-shirts, and drinking a Pina Colada iced drink (my favorite). Getting burned because you thought you wouldn’t get burned and didn’t put suntan lotion on. Jumping in the ocean with my family all around, going deeper and deeper in, afraid Id get eaten my a shark, but going anyways. In the meantime, getting salt water in my eyes which made them burn. Then heading back on my little red bike with a towel around my shoulders and little orange swim trunks on, to jump in a shower to cool myself off, only to go right back and jump in the ocean or the pool.

All those memories came back today when I smelled, tasted, and experienced all I used to every year at Kiawah Island. Love it.

Thankfully, lots more to remember and enjoy tomorrow.


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