Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on February 6, 2011

I’m a sojourn.

You could be a sojourn.

Your mom could be a sojourn.

One of the exciting things about moving to Louisville is becoming a part of a new church. The church is called Sojourn Community Church. The best way to describe it is to say they truly live community, not just talk about it. For the 3 days I was there several weeks back in December, I met people randomly several times from Sojourn. They were ordinary people strolling down the street or eating at a restaurant. They understand what life is about and what it should be about, and pursuing life together as Christ has called them to.

I’m excited to be a part of this community God has called me to for this time in my life.

This post is not about Sojourn Community Church. I’m posting this because the word “Sojourn” has been embedded in me.

For a couple years now, I’ve realized the word “sojourn” in my semi daily scripture reading (workin on it), and it always stuck out to me. The only thing was, I couldn’t find a good definition for it (even though I found some good ones…).

Here is how Sojourn Church defined it:

The word “sojourn” can mean several things. It can speak of a long journey or a temporary dwelling place. It has connotations of deliverance and redemption, of journeying from bondage and slavery to freedom. We named our church Sojourn for all of these reasons. If life is a journey, we want our journey to be marked most clearly by our destination: one opened up to us by the grace of God through His Son, Jesus. Our journey is one from death to life, from darkness and shadows into the Light.

The name reminds us that we are going SOMEWHERE. It encourages us to think ahead and look forward with anticipation to the joy of arrival. One day we will finally be with God and see our Lord face to face!

Traveling does more than lead us to a GOAL of our journeying. A journey is itself a process that enables us to grow and develop as we press on to our goal.

That is a beautiful definition.

One thing that came to mind were the Levites in the old testament. Levites were those who had no home, they were the priests. They were a tribe designated for ministry. Interesting to me, I feel I’m a levite, a sojourn. I always have a destination, but am never settled in one place, even though while I am there, I desire to be in every way loving and a part of the people in that area. But the word sojourn doesn’t mean a person who wanders on earth in physical means, necessarily. It could, and for me, in some ways, it makes sense. But more the destination is heaven. So, for those who might question me, I could be a sojourn if I lived in the same place for 80 years, or if I moved every 2 years. We all are sojourns.

Home (where I live, where family resides) isn’t my home. My home, I know, is in heaven with my Father. Everywhere I go on earth is temporary. I don’t belong anywhere other than with my Father. No possessions or earthly things should matter (even though some do, which I need to work on). I feel like a sojourn, destined for a heavenly home, and called while I am away from that home to wander the earth, loving and telling great news of salvation.

I also realized — my family has been called to the same, in many ways.

Interesting. Inspiring. Tough.

It is so simple to understand, but so hard to live.

May God help me and bless me to do his will.



Also, just for kicks. Here’s an old photo from when I was 6 or 7… :) Any Captions?



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