Greg + Jannelle

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on October 31, 2010

Greg + Jannelle

Greg & Jannelle are a couple. They are artists (GregJannelle). And they are parents.

Once based in Denver, Colorado — now full-time missionaries based with YWAM in Hawaii.

And they need your support.

[Photos by Jannelle]

I am continually inspired and encouraged through my findings. Through a friend, I was able to be connected with Greg & Jannelle Althoff and what they are doing. Each time I am introduced to a new cause, my heart connects and grows in the understanding of what I am to do and live for.

Through these two people, I am continuing to be inspired to see where God is taking me, and I can’t thank God enough for putting these type of things in my life to show me his heart.

And truly, God’s heart is in these two people, in their family, and in their work.

I would encourage each of you to look into what they do, help them financially if you can, or find a way to help them through posting about what they do (via Facebook/Twitter) so they can be provided for while they serve God and others in the world.

What are some of your findings?


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