To The Sea

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on October 17, 2010

I have been by the creek,

Hoping it was a river,

That once my heart was given,

I’d dive in and be on my way down,


I was hoping their would be rope to help me,

Get from the ground to water,

But all I see is vast land before me,

Stretching for miles to come,


I can smell the freshness of the ocean,

And my heart longs for the sea,

But this land that is stretched out before me,

Is holding me tight with strings,


And when I arrive at the river,

Preparing myself to dive in,

My heart will leap for joy and forgiveness,

And my feet will not hold me back again,


I’ll dive straight into the river,

Float down and into the sea,

And when that day comes and I’m gone,

I will look back and thank the Current,

For taking me away from this place,


All will be at rest,

All my strivings will cease,

But that day is not yet coming,

And I have hard work to do with my feet,


Walking four miles, then ten,

My hope is that I’d be able to skip,

Down to the river I go,

To lift up mine eyes and give thanks,

For then, I’ll be on my way to the sea.



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