Jobs, Grocery Store Grandpa & Crepes

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on August 24, 2010

So this week, I started two new jobs. Yesterday I was supposed to start a new job at the Creperi Cafe in Charleston, but it got delayed until today. But instead, my mom called and said my grandparents didn’t have anyone to care for them. They have 24 hour care, and didn’t have someone from 7am to 3pm. So I got there as quick as possible, and ended up staying 13 hours, from 9:30am to 11pm (didn’t know until 9am they needed someone…). Then got up this morning at 6pm, got to my grandparents at 7, and left for my other job at 9:30, and just got off 30 minutes ago.

This past month has been a lot of down time for me, and things just took a quick sharp turn from nothing, relaxation, and FINALLY some summer break, to two full-time jobs, not including a weekly job of mowing and weed eating 5 acres for my other grandparents. So. Life is good.

I am now going to be calling myself —


Here are a few photos from my new job with my grandparents 5 days a week.

My grandpa and I went to the grocery store :)

My grandpa strolling around in his motor chair, telling me what to buy at the grocery store. One of the most fun and great times with my Grandpa, Denzil. (In the last photo, he is picking out peaces and apple’s to eat when he gets home. He’s SO cool! ha).

I’ll for sure be documenting my other job at Creperi Cafe. If you are in the area, come and see me! The food is OUT OF THE WORLD.

GO HERE to get directions :)



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