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Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on July 22, 2010

Oh friends, how ECSTATIC I am about what is to come! It’s been a while since I’ve truly posted on here, and its been for a reason. I’ve needed time to just rest and BE, if you know what I mean.

Its tough to have a blog, and know people like it, because you constantly have 60 views after posting a blog… Its like you feel obligated to post for all those who follow.

I LOVE the idea of blogs. They can be used for good, and can be excessive. But overall, I’m trying to find the balance of the “good” and “evil” of a blog.

So be looking for future posts, for sure! This blog is going to be a lot about what I’m doing in my own community, and what cool awesome things are happening :) And every once in a while, when I am INSPIRED to write and share something deep deep within me, whenever those writing sessions come out NATURALLY, I will post, and I hope you will follow and enjoy.

Let this be a community within a community. I want to share my life and share my experiences and thoughts on here, help me :)

So for tonights post… My band VIA (with the fabulous John Poole and Rachel Feldhaus, and our newest member of the band, Molly Lynn Page — photo below) is doing a tour right now. We are doing “POP-UP” shows all over town, and will move around quite a bit. We are at our 2nd show, and loving it already.

The coolest thing is, no one really has ever done this in Charleston, WV before. At least they didn’t succeed at it, and get people to know about it. These shows are just to show up somewhere and not tell anyone and just play music as people walk by. We really desire to get the community together, living and loving along side each other. One of my favorites is listening to beautiful music together.

So, tomorrow night, 9pm, at the Town Center Chili’s, VIA will be having their 2nd Pop-Up Show! We’ll have fresh CHICK-FIL-A Lemonade, and it will be amazing. Hope to see you all there!!! Links below —

Event Page —

Blog Post —

POP-UP Shows Site (with Photo Journal coming soon!) —

Our newest Member, Molly —


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