Hillary Clinton in Colombia

Posted in colombia, Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on May 25, 2010

So, John and I were walking down the street yesterday here in Colombia, and saw a bunch of paintings hung up on the side of the road. Turned out, one of the paintings was of Hillary Clinton, and it was a good painting… just so weird to see it here! I just HAD to take a photo of it! Wish I would just have bought it! It was like 10,000 pesos, which is like 5 bucks! But where would I have hung it? Probably the bathroom or in my closet…

Headed to the Boys’ Farm tomorrow. I’ve seen almost all the boys already, here in Medellin, which hasn’t really happened before. Excited to get up there and hang out with all of them. They each have grown so much in the past year, it’s weird not seeing them for 8 months, and then coming back. They all still love me, apparently. Every keeps telling me that. My heart grows more and more in love with them each day. They are truly what changed my life the most, and I’m happy I am able to be with them once again tomorrow.

I’ll be filming all day while there. Hopefully will get a break just to chill and enjoy hanging out with them. John and I will be filming several interviews/testimonies of the boys, as well as just filming the everyday life they live. It is such a beautiful place where so much love is given and where so much change takes place. Each one of the boys has grown so much with God. It’s so good to see them each being restored, not only physically, emotionally, and intellectually, but mostly spiritually. It is a beautiful thing.

Looking forward to showing all of you the footage. I’ll probably (hopefully) post some fun videos from the farm tomorrow evening or Wednesday, if I have time ;)



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