Heads. Waists. Arms.

Posted in colombia, travel, Uncategorized, video by Stephen Stonestreet on May 24, 2010

Today was church, of course. Good ol’ Sunday. We actually had two services, one downtown Medellin, and one in a neighborhood called Roblado. Each of them we filmed – the people worshipping God and having true community. It was beautiful. At the Roblado Church, I got to see almost all the boys from the farm in San Pedro. One of them as we listened to the service just rested the whole time on my shoulder (shown below), and the one next to me made me laugh my face off (the kid and I making crazy faces).

As I told John today, one of the biggest changes that takes place when I leave Colombia is the lack of affection. Right when you get here, you’ve got kids arms around your waist, heads on your shoulder, someone messing with your hair, and kids on your lap. John said to me today — “I want my own children!” Until then, we will be deprived of the affection, the type of love and affection Jesus had for the children in Matthew, and God the Father has for all his children. Thank you God for this revelation, I wouldn’t be where I am today without this love.

Also today, two people (Pastor at the Downtown Church and Yilmar — guy in the first photo) told me in front of a lot of other people that they now count me as a Colombian, that I have officially become a Colombian, in heart and in life. I’ve always wanted to be a Colombian, and it takes time to become one. Took me nearly 5 years. So, I might not look Colombian, but I am :)


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