La Sierra – Church for Kids.

Posted in colombia, travel, Uncategorized, video by Stephen Stonestreet on May 22, 2010

Today we headed to La Sierra, a place where many wars are going on, and gangs are constantly fighting for territory.

We went with the staff at OAF (all native Colombians, which I find is important rather than American missionaries) to a church they have for kids there. We got to spend about 2 hours with the kids worshipping, praying, dancing, and watching them laugh at us gringos.

Here are some photos from today. Both John and I have fallen even more in love with this country and its people. It was so good, once again, to just relax and be with the people instead of filming. Tomorrow begins those days, though! Just glad we got time to experience the culture and be an encouragement to OAF’s staff and the kids.

This is something I really felt I needed to share, please pray for this young girl and OAF —

One story was really striking to us, but not deniable — this past weekend, the guerrillas (Fark Terrorists) here in Colombia were abducting children in La Sierra and other areas to make them child soldiers. There was one girl who fled to Open Arms’ Downtown Center for refuge, because the guerrillas told her if she came back, they would kill her. She is about 12 years old. Pray for OAF and this girl, that they would find a good home for her, and for her to be healed from the wounds of fear and terror.

Follow us as we release 7 videos start this Thursday, May 27th


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  1. John Anderson said, on May 23, 2010 at 1:13 am

    You said, “all native Colombians, which I find is important rather than American missionaries”. I probably understand what you mean, but I’m not sure everyone who reads this blog will. Could you break that thought down a bit, just for the sake of clarity?

    Thanks, bro. Glad to see you (an American missionary?) on-mission. :) Keep these updates coming. :)

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