In the Midst of Noise

Posted in 33141203, simple truths, Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on March 24, 2010

For a while now, I have heard the noise, the bluster, the desire to be relevant to the world to bring them to the Lord. I believe the noise needs to be silenced, the bluster needs to be broken, and the relevancy to the world (as the church tries to be relevant, even though we all, as individuals, should strive to be relevant as a human being to others of the world) needs to be confronted. But in my heart, I know there is no way to change those things without doing it myselves first (simple truth #1)

I was in the car today, blaring loud music (Hillsong United – yet in the stillness), and just praising the Lord, and this came to my mind, and then into my heart –

In the midst of the noise, I can still be in solitude before the Lord. (simple truth #2)

When I thought of this, I got this picture in my mind. In the midst of all the bluster (lights, camera, action – business and scripted sermons, and all the church does to try to bring people in), I can still be in solitude before the Lord. I can still stand in his presence, feel his great love and joy overwhelm me, and in the stillness listen to the still, small voice of God. Even though there is screaming, blaring music, and lack of solitude, I can still be in his presence in the stillness, as I could be back in the forest, where no one else is but God and me. In these moments of noise, you can tune out the sounds, and God can speak to you with his still small voice (simple truth #3). This is the beginning of the change in the church – things can change even if you are silent.

No matter where we are, we can always be still before the Lord. I believe this might be what the verse means that says to “pray at all times”. It is our stillness throughout the whole day, and the knowing that God IS God, that matters (simple truth #4).

I love simple truths, ringing in my being all day long.

So as for all of us, even though we still go to those massive, loud, structured and business focused services, we can still be in the stillness of God’s presence. And even if your church isn’t like that, or you don’t have a church, we can put this in any part of our lives (at work, at home, at the mom and pops coffee shop, in the middle of a movie, or while the kids are screaming and laughing and running around the house). It’s not tuning out those around you, but tuning in to solitude with God at every moment of life.

This is where revival starts – a gentle spirit, reverent towards God, and still in his presence, open for what God has for them.



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  1. peacebringer said, on March 25, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    Nicely put steve…

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