Cleveland: Living simply & learning about life.

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on February 2, 2010

This whole time in Cleveland has gone by so quickly. It’s been a whirlwind of many different things, from filming, to taking a dance class with Inlet, to meeting tons of new amazing people, to planning a project in Colombia and making phone calls, to sending some of the longest and most detailed emails of my life, and much more.

The things that changed me and renewed my hope for the future were the small things, the small beginnings of friendship, the small continuation of “sibling-hood”, enjoying a cup of tea, watching a moving documentary, looking through antique glass windows and watching the light stream in and out of the living room where I’ve been sleeping, to the sun rising over the frozen great lakes as we pass by heading to rehearsal and a full day of filming.

Each moment has given me more of a sense of what my life is going to be like. Living for a longer, yet seeming so short, amount of time in a simplistic and loving environment, thinking of how we can buy healthy food at a low price, and have enough money to buy sugar to sweeten our tea. It makes people come together, it creates community, and bonds us together, makes us closer. So many words to describe, so many things to say, and all within this little blog I have created to bring renewed hope to the world through a loving Savior and speaking of love, community, film, and life.

Today, what blessed me the most, was meeting up with a new friend, Stephen Pascura. Not only do we share a first name, but a passion for life, missions, art, and Christ. Just talking about these things for close to two hours (which flew by with such great conversation and sharing of our work) encouraged myself, and hopefully on the other side as well. It was so great to meet another authentic and zealous human being who not only appreciates good art, but desires and pursues creating community and sharing love with others around him, and those in need around the world.

I thank God for everyone I have been able to meet here in Cleveland; everyone I’ve been able to catch up with; and especially time with my sister, Lauren, continuing the amazing relationship we have.

I thank God for the great blessing it is to have an outlet to share my love, passions, desires, and vision through this blog. I hope you find these posts encouraging and uplifting, as I, a man with selfish desires and a sinful nature, continue to learn and grow in my life, and grow in wisdom and love.

This trip equipped me for things to come.

Much love,



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