Cleveland Snow & Things Coming Up

Posted in colombia, future, travel, video, work by Stephen Stonestreet on January 28, 2010

Man, Cleveland is so beautiful with the snow. Gah, it is so amazing!

It has been a great time. Hanging with my sister, Lauren, and meeting all of her friends, from Inlet and from the city. Several more days here, I’m going to miss it a lot.

Inlet has been an incredible experience, watching them dance and train and listening to Bill Wade’s wisdom. Filming has been going extremely well, doing interviews with the trainee’s today and tomorrow, and interview tomorrow evening with Bill Wade, Founder of Inlet Dance Theatre. I am really excited to get home and start editing a video telling about the trainee program and the vision Bill Wade has to train dancers and impact the community.

I will miss it, but all things come and go. Oh, and I’ll be back in a few weeks! My brother, Andrew, is moving to Portland, Oregon, mid-February, and he’ll be flying out of Cleveland. Then, after that, I’ll be back the beginning of April to see my sister and all those I’ve met here perform.

Things coming up:

– Filming another video for Arts In Action
– Work to pay bills
– Plans for Colombia trip and meeting with Jeff Andrews (OAF Web Designer) to plan and set a timeline for completing website and all media.
– Then, I head out for Colombia!

So what have you been doing?


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