Arts In Action Promo Video

Posted in video by Stephen Stonestreet on January 13, 2010

All About Jesus

Arts In Action is a Christian performing arts studio based in Hurricane, WV whose desire is to not only change children’s lives through the arts, but to change them through the love of Jesus Christ. They are truly touching the lives of children each day. They also started Urban Stage, which is a dance studio for the children in the Inner City of Charleston, WV. I had the pleasure of filming these children and what Arts In Action is doing to change the lives of underprivileged children in those areas.

Joni Cantrell Prince is the founder of Arts In Action and Urban Stage, and she explains below her beliefs that all children are underprivileged; that it is not only the ones who are in financial poverty who are “At-Risk”.

The Lord has impressed upon my heart, that all children are at-risk. There are underprivileged children who cannot afford an arts education and therefore would not reap the benefits. And then there’s underprivileged children who have prosperity financially and the ability to have an arts education, but there underprivileged because they have not been introduced to Jesus and know the love of the Lord. All children are at-risk and all children deserve to be impacted by the Kingdom of God and nurtured. All children deserve to reach out and be the best they can be; through the arts and doing it in the name of Jesus. We can impact the lives of children that will make a significant difference, and even turn them from a destructive path to the path God has for them.

This is the desire of my heart for this ministry: That there would be fruit, salvation; that children would be nurtured, and that they would come to the salvation knowledge of Jesus Christ. And then for them to be discipled and walk on the path of righteousness that God has planned for them a long time ago. And that they in turn would pour into their generation the Kingdom of God.

This is a really amazing thing they are doing. I am really glad I got to be apart of it. Thank you Joni, Cookie, Janelle and the rest of Arts In Action for welcoming me and pouring the passion you have into me. You truly encouraged me and uplifted me. May God truly continue to bless this ministry and what they are doing to teach all children the arts and the love of Jesus Christ.



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