Look in his eyes. Do you see it?

Posted in colombia by Stephen Stonestreet on January 8, 2010

There is hope that we, as Christians, will realize who Jesus really is, who He said he was. There are so many people who see Jesus as a man who lived 2000 years ago, was a carpenter, and was born of a virgin. Pure truth. But he also said that he would be with us in two ways: He would send the Holy Spirit to comfort us and that he is in those who are in desperate need (no matter what that looks like) (Matthew 25).

I had my own experience, and it has completely altered my life. I saw Christ, I saw it in this boys eyes, and the Holy Spirit confirmed that in me right at the moment I first laid my eyes on him.

And yes, now I see Jesus all around me. As a result of this simple, yet usually unnoticed idea, I knew what God felt for me, for this little boy, and for all people in the world. Now, when I look at any other person, I know in my heart that is Jesus. I know deep in my soul, when I look in their eyes, they have needs, they have hurts, they have pain, and that is Jesus asking for help. And all I can do is melt in the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit deep inside my being, telling me that this is truth. Action is the response.

I know the Father’s heart. I now know what God feels for his children. And now, I feel responsible to respond with God’s Fatherly love, and be my own father to the fatherless world, even if I am young and without my own children.

God, help me do it, and forgive me for the times when I forget.


Dear Colombia: I love and miss all of you! If one of you guys from the farm happen to read this, you all are my favorite people in the whole world. I’ll see you soon!

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