Benefit Shows for Non-Profits

Posted in colombia by Stephen Stonestreet on December 12, 2009

Here is an update on my work with the Open Arms Foundation (OAF), a non-profit working with the street children in Medellin, Colombia.

It has been an amazing experience working with OAF on their media needs. I’ve been working with them for over a year now, and every second has been a blessing. Before I started working with OAF’s media, I had gone to Colombia 3 times with different teams, one that I had organized myself. If you have been following my blog (and my old one, Simple Is Deeper Than Extreme), you know what I’m talking about. But for you who haven’t heard of my travels to Colombia, feel free to go read some stories, see some photos, and some videos from my past trips there.

Lately, I have been planning an event, or what I call a “Benefit Show” for OAF. This is an independent effort on behalf of myself and many others to raise awareness and funds for the street children who are in constant risk of being sexually exploited, pulled into using and abusing drugs, and the violence of gangs in their neighbors, as well as a slew of other heart wrenching abuses.

There are many more updates to come on these Benefit Shows, and that is why I have set up a website where you and others can visit and read the updates that are forthcoming.

W W W . B E N E F I T S H O W S . I N F O

Also, other updates – A new website is underway for OAF, web design by Jeff Andrews, and graphic/branding/logo design by Tyler Deeb. There is also a banquet on the 18th of this month at Perrow Church in Cross Lanes, WV. There will be a slew of great things happening that night, please come out and join us at 6:30pm! Many more things to come…

Thanks to all of you for your support of my work in Colombia, as well as my sister, Lauren. Please join us in supporting the Open Arms Foundation, and having open arms yourself to the street children in Colombia either from where you live or if you decide to go to Colombia (if you’re thinking about it, DO IT).



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