The Sex Trade and Free International

Posted in colombia, human trafficking by Stephen Stonestreet on November 22, 2009

So yesterday I got a message on facebook from a friend of mine I haven’t seen in about 4 years, Brianna Goode. It was a support letter to help her get to NYC to work with a non-profit, called Free International, who works to find, rescue, embrace, and empower those who have been sold as sex slaves in New York City. It doesn’t surprise me that it would be a major industry in NYC… I’ve known about this issue for several years now, becoming more aware through my trips to Colombia the last few years.

The message that she sent me was one that broke the silence in my mind of this abusive industry, now the 2nd largest industry in the world. For a while now I’ve always wanted to be apart of the change in peoples lives who have been sucked into this industry, and I have in part with the Open Arms Foundation (and still am working with them). But I’ve always wanted to find out how I could help in my own country, and there are some things that are coming in the future, I hope and pray, that will use my love, compassion, and abilities to change people’s lives.

I believe Free International is doing an incredible thing, not only rescuing and restoring the people (80% women, 50% children) who have been abused in this industry, but those who are forcing these people into this trade, for the love of God does not stop at them.

I encourage each of you who read this to bring yourself out of the comfort that you have created, and into the uncomfortable, so not only these peoples lives can be changed, but that yours, through their change, will be changed as well.

Become aware of this issue, and help support Free International, and other organizations who are working domestically and internationally, to bring people out of this abusive industry and into a new life full of love and hope.

Free International

Open Arms Foundation


Polaris Project

Discover the Journey

Pending Freedom

These are just some of many organizations that are working to end this industry. You know what to do. Just do it!



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