Charlottesville, VA

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on November 7, 2009

Why hello everyone, it really truly has been too long. I haven’t posted on here in a while, and it is sad. It has been so extremely busy here in West Virginia and traveling all the time. If you really want to know what I am doing, follow me HERE. I update several times a day.

As for an update on my life, I haven’t stopped working, pretty much from 8 in the morning until 8 at night, depending on the day… Working 2 jobs at the moment, not including my videography and many meetings a week, as well as my travels to Nashville and Louisville this past week. Not only that, but I have some really great news, really exciting for me. Who knows, this might be a really big thing. 

I’m heading to Charlottesville, VA, Monday through Friday of next week for a video shoot. There is a lot more to come, and I’m really excited about this project! I’ll tell you a few things that I can tell. Tuesday I will be filming a veterans conference that is being put on my Dr. David MacDonald. I will also be interviewing many of the veterans, especially those who are sick and can’t leave their beds, but who have incredible stories. I also will be working on another project with Dr. MacDonald, interviewing nurses, doctors, lawyers, and ordinary people about issues concerning healthcare. The goal is to go from city to city and have town house meetings discussing healthcare. I will tell more about it soon, when I find out more information, but for now, I am heading to Charlottesville, and will be updating soon. 

Hope you all are well!



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