Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on October 26, 2009

You must see this. This video is from the Healing Center retreat that I went to with my family this past September. I’ve been going to this retreat for I don’t know how long, most of my life (since I was 2 or 3)… It is always filled with a lot of older people, and my siblings and I being the only younger people… It is always filled with wisdom, family, and hilarity (what you are seeing here…). 

Now, if you are wondering, “Who the heck is Kenny Davis?” Then you will meet him in this video (in part). Every time you see him or talk to him, he always is laughing, always is smiling, and always is caring. He is just an amazing guy. The best part is when he leads worship. It is this old Christian music that he sings, but it has a different, unique flavor. This is because Kenny is singing it. I wish I could show you more, you wouldn’t want to miss any second of his life. 

He resides in Nashville, NC where he runs his own retreat center for the whole person. He also has a church in his home. You can see what he does more at his website.


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