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Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on September 30, 2009

So I just got home last night from Virginia, an amazing, beautiful retreat that helped me so much. I needed it more than anything. What I needed the most was the Lord, and I most definitely received that. I am so thankful for his incredible love and hope for my life. 

Last night, though, was the beginning of something new. I was blown away by the overwhelming love of Christ and the amazing revelation I received, and the joy that just couldn’t help itself from destroying me. In the shortest form, it was completely life-altering. I was amazed by how much trust I can have in the Lord, how much peace I can receive in the midst of so many decisions, and in the midst of my pain and brokenness. I don’t know how to describe it, and I don’t think I ever will be able to, but that is the beauty of it. It was for me, and me alone. God will reveal it to others his way. It was so good. 

It is such a pleasure to have all of you following me. I want to let you know this blog isn’t for me, it is truly for the Lord. The things I write about and project on here is not for my personal gain or for prideful reasons, even though, to be honest, there has been some of that (pride) in the past. But I truly desire to only be seen with Christ in me, and the funny little things on the side, which God gave me to freakin make you fall out of your chair, if I even do that… I just thank you for being apart of my life, and encouraging me that I am of importance (to God’s glory) and I have the ability through Christ to really bring change to the people of the world through my voice, hands, and feet. Thanks for listening. 

Also, I am in the planning of some incredible new trips coming up, and I want to ask you to be apart of it! I will be posting pictures and videos and links that need to get out there, not for me, but for the ones I will be documenting. I will release more info here soon, but please, join the bandwagon and help me project the cause of these people that have so many needs, and can only live if we help them. 

As it says in Matthew 25:40

Whatever you did for one of the least of these (strangers and brothers alike), you did for me (Jesus).

And you can be apart of it. Join the cause of helping Jesus himself.


Other news: 

Benefit for the Street Children of Colombia:

– November 7th, Nitro Community Center, Charleston, WV –  7pm

– November 14th, Campus Christian Center, Marshall University – 6:30pm

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