Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on August 27, 2009

So last night was an interesting night. If any of you read my twitter posts this morning, you can tell it was quite fun. Since I was overloaded with work (that I wanted), I had to stay up all night (my choice and I really didn’t have to, but I wanted to…). It was pretty fantastic, and right now I am feeling pretty good. I sat in a parking lot for 6 hours working on videos and slideshows and powerpoint and everything else under the sun. It didn’t seem that long, even though I was alone the whole night (had to to get everything done). 

I didn’t just work, though, either. I’d say every hour I stepped out of the car for a few minutes, walked a little bit… More like danced all over the parking lot to the Jackson 5ive at 3am. Pretty unreal. I had a blast.

So welcome to my life. It is sunny out now and I have work from 11am-7pm, then a meeting at 8pm, and then throwing a powerpoint presentation together for sunday. GLORIOUS GLORIOUS. 

I love my life. 

Goodmorning :)



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