Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on August 16, 2009

Being back home has been a rough. From so many people to none. From so many things to do and coming back to even more. From so many people to touch, to love, and coming home to hardly any. It is a tough experience. Jet lag is nothing compared, neither is culture shock. It is a whole whirlwind in itself.

With the signs of hope flying high in Colombia, bringing hope from here seems far reaching, but I know it is just beyond my grasp. It is so different when you document the hope given to others by an organization, with the intent on helping that organization grow and bring more awareness to what they do day in and day out. I feel their hope exploding in my grasp, and the future of so many children AND their families and community in my hands. Thats where I’ve got to take what I have in my hands and let it loose for God to handle.

So here I go, to edit and edit and edit the promotional video for the Foundation. I am very excited to show each and every one of you the finished product. Keep updated on A renewed revolution of hope. ha



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