faces, smiles, hope.

Posted in colombia, Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on July 30, 2009

The faces, the expressions, the smiles, the hope-filled eyes, full of joy and happiness, yet filled with sadness and fear.

I never thought that this trip would be so impacting. Well, I knew it would change my life, but I guess I wasn’t ready for this. I can’t take it, the brokenness that I see here. I believe my sister is right, when you take a photo or capture someone on film, you are attached to that person in a different way, because that photo or video has personal meanings and emotions that are close to the heart. They capture you.

At this moment, I really have no idea how to handle any of this. My heart deeply cares for these children and I can’t just leave this place and not be broken. I want to be here and help these children. That is a right and pure desire. But God has called me not to pursue things in haste or quickly, but pray and ask him what His will is. I am struggling with this idea a lot right now…

I just don’t know how not to cry. We have to do something to give more children hope.

Today was a good day. It was good to rest… I don’t think I could have made it today if I didn’t stop, think, rest, be. Mostly, I needed time to take in everything that has happened already… So I got that, as well as going to the boys’ patio day program and riding the Metro Cable all the way home, documenting poor neighborhoods and people from up above. At the boys’ patio we documented all of their faces, their lives, their expressions, etc… I also interviewed 4 or 5 boys who have come directly off the streets. It was amazing.

Here are a couple photos from today at the boys’ patio program:


Jhon Hairo – this kid blessed me so much. Touched my heart.

Tomorrow, another big day. I can’t wait.



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