The Team and Us Three

Posted in colombia, Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on July 24, 2009

So off I go, in less than 3 hours to the airport to fly out. It has been a rough tonight… the reason I am up right now at 1:14am is because I can’t sleep… So here I am. God, please give me a rested body, make me feel like I just had a deep, amazing 12 hour sleep! Muchos Gracias, Senior! :)

Today, the team from WV left for Columbus, OH. The other three of us got tickets a lot later then the team of 8 (including my mom and little sister, Caitlin). They will leave in the morning and arrive about an hour after we do (in Colombia)… Here are some photos from today (from my new iPhone):


The whole team together (Kami, Mom, Steve, Lauren, Hannah, Me, Jerusha, Ashley, Caitlin, Keith, and Sarah – 11 all together). YEAH!


Steve is a lot like me in this way – We both really want to be in the drivers seat, and if we are, we have to have a very large cup of coffee.


Caitlin and Ashley


Yo, the big ol’ Burb is off to Columbus with some of my favorite people. (Steve looks so great with his sun glasses, freakin killing me.)

They are off.

I will be traveling with two lovely people: my sister, Lauren, and a girl from NY who we met in the Outer Banks (God planned for her to meet us and for her to go with us. So here she is. Pretty amazing stuff), Jerusha Aman. She’s pretty freakin awesome. You’ll see more photos soon :)

But for now, I guess I will try to get more sleep. Chao. (I’m already starting to speak spanish, what the flip?)


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