A little heartfelt.

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on July 10, 2009

My heart seems to be in a constant state of knowing — conscienceness of what is to come, without really know what is to come. I just know, deep down in my heart, deeply embedded in my soul, what my calling is. 

My whole life, I have been in this constant state of dreaming. I don’t even know exactly what it was, but I believe it was the conscience knowing that God is speaking to you. A knowing that He has something planned for you that is beyond your wildest dreams, and to hold on to me. And without a doubt, I know that it will happen. 

So many things in my life have been like this. A simple, deep knowing in my heart that it will all be taken care of and God has something huge for me to do. Now that I am an adult, making my own decisions, I know a little of what it is God has for me, and many of those things are right before your very eyes, for you to see. It is not for me, even though sometimes I am tempted to be prideful and take all the glory for this, for what I do, say, and what I accomplish, but I know it is all for Christ. It is all to glorify Jesus Christ. 

That is as simple as it gets, and that is all. I think it will be the hardest thing to pursue, and it already has been, but it is the simplest thing to understand, wants you understand it – The Kingdom, God’s voice, Love. 

God has all these things for us individually, you just have to simply let everything go, which is not simple, it is hard. It is one of the hardest things to do, but once you do it, God is there, and it is no more of you, but everything of God, and everything God has for his children is so much more than we could ever “think or imagine”. God has it for you. Give up, do it for others, those God has for us to give our lives to, our beings, and then you will find yourself.

Let me restate that. 

Give of yourself to others, and you will find yourself.


It is love; loving others in the midst of their faults, fralities, and sin; loving those in the midst of their poverty, in the midst of their ugliness or their smell (either good or bad); loving those who are poor or rich alike, those who need Christ and have no other person to look to other than you. 

Do that, do it with all that you are, let go of every other desire that you might have to do what God has called you to do, to give, and you WILL find yourself — what God has for you, the peace that you desire, the joy that you crave, the love that you are overwhelmed by, but have never been able to grasp. 

Just do it.



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