A silenced foundation – CFO

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on July 5, 2009

This past week, there was a lot of amazing conversations, listening to speakers, dancing with a bunch of people, and great relationships built. Like I said before, I don’t believe I have experience any better community then the community at CFO. It is not just a one week of relationships, but after camp, a whole year of feeling that same community build up in you. It is amazing how God has used CFO for years to bring relief and restoration to His people. God is truly faithful.

This past week, I could have desperately cried out and had a great emotional experience, but I chose not to. Not because it is wrong, but because for so long I have had a billion emotional experiences and not a lot of action in my own life to change me. For the past year, I have gone so many places within my own heart and mind. My soul has been broken, and my words from the past to God have not continued completely in action. It has some, my actions haven’t been completely void. Just simply, life has been hard. 

I know you all can feel that void within me because I haven’t written much on here about my passions and desires, but more on things that have made me laugh and things I am doing… These things are not bad, but my heart hasn’t been seeping out onto these pages. 

This past week, though, slowly things have changed, and will continue to change. My goal is to allow God to work in me a deep foundation that won’t vanish like they have before. Slowly and surely, I will change, and God will create something amazing in me. It is just a continuation, and I will live day by day.

God has really changed me, and my hearts desire has changed to a more devout desire to change the way things have been. 

One verse that was put on my life this past week really spoke to me, so here it is:


But the LORD is in his holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before him.

– Habakkuk 2:20


This verse really spoke to me. The temple of God now, after Jesus and all the things that happened in the NT, is you and me, the Body of Christ and all the people in it. We are God’s holy temple; the temple of the Holy Spirit. That is me. That is you. That is all of us who follow Christ and who are sons and daughters of the Father. 

The second part of the verse struck me harder. After it says “holy temple”, which is us, it says that all the earth (all the people within it and all of creation) should “keep silence before him”. This is what spoke to me the most. I am his temple, and I will keep silent before him and follow him. 

This is what this verse speaks to me. We are to keep silent before the Lord, not having our own agenda or our own actions of trying to be effective, but letting God completely do everything that he desires. We should stay silent before God and God shall live his desires through us. 

Just like Jesus said, “I do not do anything other than what I see my father doing.”

Let that be the same for me.



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