Open Arms: Rescue Them.

Posted in colombia, Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on June 16, 2009


So tonight, I am reminded of this kid from Medellin, Colombia. One person in my life that never leaves my mind. I am reminded of him daily.

Since I’ve been cleaning out my room, I have found some pretty interesting things from the past. A lot of notebooks with my writings from the past. A lot of little trinkets, old pictures…

The one thing I found that was the best was where I found these pictures.

About a year ago, my old computer (family computer before I got the MAC — it was a Dell…), crashed, and we couldn’t retrieve anything. All of my pictures from the first two trips to Colombia were gone.

Not until recently was I reminded the way I got those photos on the computer — CDs. Yeah, I completely forgot that (when I was completely technically illiterate) I had put all the photos on CDs (not DVDs or a chip or an external hard drive).

So tonight, I leaped for joy finding those CDs, and burned all the photos immediately to my MAC.

It was so good for me. I am reminded of so many things. Things that changed my life; people who changed my life; a kid who changed my life.

His name is Yerson (“Jerson”), and there are thousands of other kids like him who need help.

As of right now, a lot of things are happening with the organization Yerson was rescued by. They are thousands of dollars in the hole. They are having to change a lot of things to save money to just set food before the children.

I would like Yerson, and all the rest of the boys who have been rescued, to have three meals a day, and grow up not having to worry about anything else. They have worried enough.

So please, if you can, support the Open Arms Foundation. Rescue a child yourself.



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