A Question for Compassion Bloggers

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on May 2, 2009


Last night, the Compassion Bloggers who are (or were) in Calcutta, India, went live on video. It lasted about an hour, and was really inspiring, hearing the stories and the number of children who were sponsored through each bloggers posts was amazing. 

I never expected what happened, though…

Shaun Groves (far right), told everyone watching to ask questions, get some conversation flowing… So they answered a few questions, and I was wondering what I could ask, and nothing was really coming to mind. And haphazardly, I got it, so I asked the question, typing it fairly quickly:


How good of a blogger do you have to be to go on a Compassion Bloggers trip?


Not until after I asked it did I realize how pointless it was for me to ask that question, since I have been following each blogging the whole time they were there… I should have formed it more like this:

If you subscribed to go on a Compassion Bloggers trip, do you have to have a lot of followers, and do you have to be at a certain social standing to inspire those who have been reading your blog to sponsor a child…


Do numbers matter?

A few minutes later, to my surprise, they brought my question up. 


“So someone asked how good of a blogger they have to be to go on a Compassion Bloggers trip…”


To begin with, I was sort of joking, I asked it randomly, not really thinking it would be brought up. After I sent it, I was just like, “that was pointless”. It was fun, though. I laughed at myself when they brought it up.

The answer to that I think needed to be answered for others, and what Shaun mentioned was that there was a thousand blogs that he chose from this past trip… which put it in perspective for me.

I think I understood what kind of blogger you needed to be, because of reading all of the bloggers there, and understanding the need for real and purposeful writing… It was just fun to hear the response. 

Even though it would be really great to go on a trip like that, the likelihood of it is all up to God. So… So be it. :) Whatever it is Love wants me to do, then that is what I will do.

And for a sweet little finale, I am going to ask you this question as the last of the last posts (maybe) about the Compassion India Bloggers trip:

Will you sponsor a child?


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