Colombia Trip 2008 Presentation

Posted in colombia, Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on April 1, 2009

Tonight was my churches missions conference. We have it once a year, and it is just a really amazing time to hear from missionaries from around the world, long-term and short-term. I’ve been at my church, Perrow, all my life, and I don’t believe I have missed one of them, ever.

It was Colombia night, and so a few people who have been to Colombia and worked with the Open Arms Foundation for a number of years spoke first, then the mic was passed to the team I put together last year.

It was so different, and amazing, to remember all the missions conferences before, and be able to speak as a missionary myself for the first time. My passion for missions was built through the missions conference, and it grew from there into an obsession, which is amazing. Tonight was just so good. I wasn’t nervous at all, surprisingly. It was the most chill atmosphere.

I told someone afterwards that I wasn’t nervous (I didn’t have any stage fright), and I went on to say, it is probably because I have lost the mindset that I have to make myself appear good for them. This “have-to” desire was stemmed from the idea of the building as the “church” and standing in front of a lot of people. And I continued by saying that “have-to” desire was gone, and I felt more at home then ever. I have more confidence now that whatever I do, I can speak and do well, and not be overwhelmed.

I actually felt more nervous making the videos than speaking, which is really weird!

Here are a few photos that are still shots from the videos. I will have a full length video of us all speaking up soon!


It was just amazing. I thank God for it all. I am so much more confident as a result of speaking today.


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