Sons of Lwala

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on March 8, 2009

A few weeks ago I got the movie screening kit for Sons of Lwala in the mail. I was incredibly excited about it. I love to see things going on in the world that are changing people’s lives, and hearing bits and pieces of what was going on with these two guys just simply inspired me. photo_mission

Today, I watched it. I have no words, truly, I will try my best. The movie was amazing. It encouraged me to go forward in the desires that God has given me; it encouraged me to not doubt the money from coming in for these desires. 

Now, knowing that these two guys can make it, with the provision of God through the help of different people (Jars of Clay, Bill Frist — people that helped these two guys from Lwala)… 

I know now that if it truly the will of God, it will happen, everything will happen according to God’s plan. I just wish I wouldn’t have doubted this before, but I’m thankful that this movie came into my life the way that it did. 

I encourage anyone and everyone to watch this movie. You can buy it on their website if you’d like, the money is given directly to the fund for the clinic in Lwala, Kenya. Go to to buy it! Also, they are in need of money to keep the clinic open, they can always use money, so please give if you are able, if you feel God’s call! click the “DONATE” button below to give!


Also, it was crazy, I just fell upon a site that is connected to the Lwala Community Alliance, it is called LWALA- Living With A Life-long Ambition. It is a way for youth to get involved in fundraising efforts for worthy causes. Check it out!

Alright, that is all for now.



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