Colombia Presentation and More…

Posted in colombia, Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on March 1, 2009

So Monday morning I am giving a presentation on my trip this past summer to Medellin, Colombia, and talking about the foundation I worked with: Open Arms. I’m pretty excited about it, a bit nervous. Last time I spoke was a while ago, and I’m not that great at speaking anyways… Wish I could just speak in another language and have someone translate it, it is so much easier and feels better when you mess up and know that no one knew you did.

Right now I am working on a video about the trip, its making me feel inspired again. I can’t wait until this next trip. Having this Mac and a new camera, and hopefully a more professional one, I can’t wait to make a TON of amazing videos, and possibly a documentary! We’ll see.

It’s been so good to go through all the videos right this past trip, remember the stories, the good times, and see the people there, the boys at the farm, the people at the church, and knowing there is so much more going on now then before! I am so excited about everything!

On another note, tomorrow evening we are having a get together at the house, a simple time of worship and community. I am thrilled about this. A few families getting together to just simply seek the Lord and be together. That is what life is all about, the Church is all about, Love is all about. I am so excited.

We’ll, that is all. Goodnight.


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