new things, hard things: life.

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on February 28, 2009

It’s been, still, a rough past couple weeks. Business has taken over my life. Weakness has taken over my physical body (caused by sickness and lack of sleep). Spirituality has been at a low place; up and down. Work, school, family, decisions, etc. Its been hard, but its been good. I’m broken inside, and God is bringing me to a new place in Him. 

Tonight, I’ve been working on a video for a presentation on the Open Arms Foundation in Medellin Colombia on Monday morning at a local church, as well as some things on the trip last summer. My mom and I, and a few others, will be speaking on the trip and the Foundation, and what new things are going on (with the Foundation and our future trips). It will be for 40 elderly people who want to keep up with other people’s lives, what they are doing to spread the gospel and help others. Pretty cool. I’m hoping to get some support, prayerfully and financially. It would be nice, God willing. 

Also, my brother, Andrew, has made some new decisions. He will be releasing his new album, the Struggle and Repair, in a few months and touring. He is moving to Lousiville, KY with his producer and band members in the next couple of months. It is amazing what is going on, can’t wait to tell you all about it! 

But for now, that is all. Goodnight. 



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