I will choose Love

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on February 23, 2009



How hard is it, 

To sit here and dream dreams,

Think about what I could become,

And be someone completely different,


How can I sit here,

And take these silent moments,

Make them into my own dreams,

When they are really someone elses,


The dreams of a Father,

For the son that is His own,

Oh the Love of a Father to a son,

And a son to a Father, father,


It is time to be rightened,

To take this heart of mine,

It is time to be strengthened,

In this faith that lies in me,

It is time to be broken,

Once again for the fourth time,

It is time to become freer,

Than I have ever been or will be,


Let this freedom,

Blow all the struggles away,

Let this very void,

Be broken into two ways,


Let my heart choose,

The path which is truth,

And not that path that makes me,

Double minded,


Let me choose from the two,

Let me choose You.


I will choose Love.

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