this past week

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on February 15, 2009

Some things from this past week.

First, a few quotes from my favorite kid, Allison:

(Allison) “Sarah, can you look for my DS?”
(Sarah) “I did, I looked everywhere, I couldn’t find it!”
(Allison) “If you looked everywhere, you would have found it!”

(Me) “Allison, tell me how much you love Jesus.”
(Allsion) “I can’t, it’s too hard.”


Love that kid so much :)

Lauren & Andrew got home, and they are doing well! Missed them a lot.

Rachel came in this weekend, and we had an awesome date tonight :)

Saw Slumdog Millionare. AMAZING!

Finished John Poole’s Interview video, you can watch it HERE. Let me know what you think!

Also, John finally got a blog! Check it out, all his updates from Australia and on will be on there!

And… I’m going to Colombia soon. Got an email from a few of the guys from the farm, sending letters again in a few days with my friend, John Fowler, who is taking his family down. Support/detailed video to come soon!

Thats it for now, God bless!



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