Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on January 28, 2009

its not riches or gold,

nothing that is sold can me now,

its the time with You i need,

Your presence in the breeze takes me now,


Your timeless and priceless,


at the thoguht of You im weak

how can someone such as i behold You

with Your knowledge of my past

all the lies and all the masks, You choose me still,


Your gracious and patient, 


i know the sun with lowly fade

into the ground from once it came

i lie asleep till i awake,

to find You,


i cannot promise i wont trip,

but when i fall remember this,

everyday i’ll reach my hands out to You,


because Your timeless and priceless,

Your gracious and patient. 

[Lyrics by Andrew Stonestreet, Timeless]




nothing can hold me down,

nothing can stop me now,

from beholding you,

if this were true,

then all the world would know,

that You are God,

and someday it will be true,

that all you are is beautiful,

my heart yearns for this.


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