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Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on January 28, 2009

I always come back to something I had written in my journal when I first arrived to the Philippines: ‘When God plants a dream in your heart, that becomes my purpose, my focus and what I gather all my energies to achieve. I used to think that  sacrifice meant giving up or not being able to do things I really wanted to do. Sacrifice to make my dreams come true is not a negative, but a positive. It allows me to clear the clutter in my life that would stand in my way of being and doing what is God’s best for my life. My life must be held before God with an open hand. If I desire to fulfill God’s will for my life, regardless of the price, I must give myself completely to Him. I want to life my life in such a way that when and if I grow old, I can look back and say: ‘I did not hold back from God, I gave Him all of myself as best as I could have done. He did that and more for me.

– Christina Di Stefano Davis from her book, Totally Surrounded.

[from a post by Coralie Schulman]



Give of yourself, and you will find it.



can you give of yourself?


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