My Missions Statement?

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on January 22, 2009

Tonight, I went to a little Bible study with my parents, met with some people at my church, and it turned out really good. We were talking about having vision, and they brought up that we, as people, need to not be just a visionary but an implementer, doing things with a vision to see love being spread to other people. It was really great. 

One thing really was great tonight… The leader, Steve Davis, asked us to go home and right out a missions statement for our homes, and as individuals. Now, believe me, I am not really to fond of mission statements; in fact, I’d rather live my mission statement then put it on paper or on the internet or pasted to a wall above the door of my church or house, but this time, I really thought about what my mission statement would be.

About at the end of our time, I asked them all a question. Now, all these people were at least 20 or more years older than me… actually, they were all my friends parents, no one was my age…


So I asked them this:

If you could make a missions statement in one word, what would it be?


For a moment, all of them just sat their, and my dad even said, “Wow, thats a hard one.” They all had puzzled faces. It was hilarious to make them all stutter and think about it for a minute. No one came up with anything…

And then I said, “Love.” And I continued to say, “Isn’t that what Jesus taught, that above all, love was the most important. ‘Faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love.” God is love. I also continued to say, “Love God, love others. That sums of the law and the prophets. If we can love others selflessly, giving of our time and gifts, and love God by obeying His word (Jesus and his words while on earth and the Spirit that is within us), then that is the only mission statement we need: Love.”

They were all like wowed, not that it matters what I say, Jesus spoke it WAY before I did. I, in fact, got it from Him. It is for His glory that I can even say any of that. 

This is not a post to boast of my words and amazingness, but to boast in what the Lord has revealed to me. Thanks be to God!



My Missions Statement is simply: Love


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