war and peace

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on January 4, 2009


[photos from the Gaza Strip, as a result of the war between them and Israel.]

Innocence. How has it been lost. 

A child, chased away from life.

How can it be, that there can be no peace.

How can anybody not get this through their heads.

That as a result of hatred and war.

Innocent children are dying. 

How can it be. That this is happening. 

How can nobody seem.

To grasp that there is an inner peace.

It is something that most don’t understand. 

How can no one understand. 

It is right in front of their faces. 

It is to their left and to their right.

At the end point of their missiles.

Are five children, innocent and sweet.

No religious preference or hatred in their eyes.

Only love and adventure. They are carefree and alive. 

That is the result of our hatred, our violence.

How can something like this be good. 

There is no good in this world.

Peace cannot be achieved.

Not in this life at least.

Yet, there is a time coming. 

When peace, love, and innocence will endure. 

Where children will truly live in safety. 

If only it were that day. 


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