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Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on December 21, 2008

an addition to this blog:



As many of you are probably thinking, “why does he have another blog, hasn’t it been like 4 already?” You are probably right. Yet I have found recently that neither this blog (with all the posts I have made, up to 6 a day) or my twitter can suffice. I need a middle ground; a little more than 140 characters (twitter), and a little less then this blog, which is my main text and updating blog…


This new blog is for these areas of writing and blogging: random jam writings, thoughts, poems, and quotes. This blog (A renewed revolution of hope) is for my main text writing, the more intricate, precise blog. The other, random, “blowing my mind” type blog, smaller than this blog, larger than twitter…


Check it out, and enjoy :) It will be where I update all I explained above :)

And keep reading this blog as well, it will have all my life updates everyday, or every other day…


bless you all, and merry christmas!!!


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