final & forever

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on October 25, 2008

Oh how I love you, the mesmerizing sight of your presence, how i used to ignore it, and make my silence unfit, derived of temptation, sin mesmerized in my soul,



how i longed for freedom, how i longed to be someone after you own heart, yet you still loved me, and you accepted me, wrapping your arms around my bare bones, frail and dry, cringing for renewal, 



you saw my hearts desires, even though i was a disgrace to your name, you walked through the broken path, and took it all for yourself,



i was so lost, even in your midst, because my heart was twisted, because my life was loosened by sin, yet you had mercy every morning, and you forgave my every move,



this doesn’t mean im alright to the end, but the thought of your love makes it all worth it, i know i have to strive to find rest again and again, and i will find it only in you, 



with the thought of dying, with the sin untied, breaks my heart, and makes me want to die, 



but with you, i will just fly, freely through the clouds, lifted by the wind, beams of the sun in my soul, face agleaming, death is no more, i will just soar to your arms once more, final and forever.




It seems when I write my personal thoughts on here, and post poems and different writings that could actually go somewhere, I am losing things that could really soar. But these writings and poems don’t belong to me, they are Gods. He will bring more and more out of me, and you may take these for your own, if you so wish. I have no reason to cling to these, they are only things from my own heart, and things that should be spread around. They are highly random and spontaneous, and pretty much not touched or changed, just a jam writing… I hope each one of you enjoy them! Let me know your thoughts.


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