Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on September 16, 2008

flowing from my heart,

are thousands of souls, longing for love,

looking in their eyes,

i see what i want to become,

sorrow and mercy,

all intertwined within their souls,

when they are given pain,

they turn around and give care,

watch for their hands,

they are all around the world,

they are touching you now,

on the shoulders, they are holding your hands,

gather together, bring together the multitudes,

make them one, and lets sing together,

spread the good news,

of faith, hope, and love,

because there is more to give,

there is more we can offer,

bring together the multitudes,

and join in one song,

and we’ll sing,

“Father, full of love,

you have brought us together,

and now we have come to sing for you,

with our hands together,

and our hearts intertwined,

we bring love and mercy,

to the world, all around us,

and we say,

come, join in our Love,

it is time to come,

bring your mother and brothers,

don’t leave one behind,

bring your fathers and sisters,

all your sons and daughters,

lets bring them all back to Love.

Go here to see more on these things.


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