good food, good books, good community, even in city life.

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on September 11, 2008

Just finished this book today: 

Probably the most incredible story I’ve heard in a long time, and very encouraging. It really confirmed the many thoughts and complacent feelings I have been having about the “church” as we know it. It is incredibly inspiring and a good read. Finished it in a week, which is crazy for me. I got so into, in one sitting I read 7 chapters. Greatness. ha

I would encourage you to read it, if you want. It will probably be one of the most challenging books a person can read, especially if you have grown up in “church” or been in church for a great deal of time. 

It goes through the institutionalized church and creates an open, freeing life of the church working itself in everyday life. 

Definitely a blessings.


So, on a different note, I’m here in California. 

A moment ago, after we got back from lunch, I was talking to my sister, Lauren, and my friend Justin, and Justin asked me if I had adjusted to the time zone, being three hours ahead of WV. I told him, “Any time zone works for me.” I continued to say, “I haven’t really adjusted to the time zone at home really either.” I think more of time as a way to keep track of the things needing to be done. I guess that helps me understand why God is not in time, because he can do multiple things in one setting in two different time zones. He is not held by time nor does it matter to him. I like to think the same way. I think thinking of time is a waste of it. It is more important to live every moment, dreaming, loving, passing on the desires of you heart to others through community and conversation. It is sweet to just live, be quiet when you need to, and talk when it is appropriate. 

“There is time for everything under the sun.”

So here, California is cool. I haven’t been to a lot of places, but definitely love the atmosphere. The food is amazing. The new people I’m meeting are cool. One thing I am missing right now is the shoreline. I can’t wait to see the city life on the shore. I’ll let you know if I like California so far after I see the beach and a little more city life.


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  1. jessica said, on September 11, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    like your lil writing about time…
    glad you are enjoying my state :)

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