the message of faith, hope, and love in a nations government?

Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on August 27, 2008

Yesterday, I started asking a new question. I don’t believe I have ever heard it before, though, which strikes me as odd. So here is flies:

If there is salvation in Jesus, is there a salvation in the devil?

This question could be answered easily, and it could be hard.

In easy terms, putting your salvation in the devil is taking what the world has and making it yours alone. Or we could just say it was the opposite of what Jesus teaches. But to be completely honest, the second doesn’t really match, I don’t think.

If you look at the Democratic National Convention, or the Republican, at that, it looks so glorified, hopeful, and poetic. This is what we like to see, and wish we saw more. Except we are seeing this in the leadership of one of the most pagan nations in the world. Now how can that be. The Romans had a huge platform, but they were out to take dominion and territory, and they were willing to fight and murder and abuse and war over anything they desired. In this nation, it seems that we have the complete opposite. We want peace and liberty, love and acceptance. The whole message that is given by these political parties are starting to sound a lot like the gospel, but completely different.

I know that a lot of people are talking about the end times and when it starts and when Jesus is returning. This is all I have to say. Jesus said it was the end times when he was alive, so how much more close are we now. But to get back to the reason I am saying all of this, this government and the political messages that are being given by world leaders are starting to sound exactly like Christ. The whole message the devil is trying to give us is that he can be the Savior, he can be the Christ, he can be the message of hope and security, and he can be everything that God is for us. The whole reason why Satan was cast out of heaven was because he wanted to be more like God. Here on the earth, it seems that we are trying to be more and more like God, wanted to build higher buildings (the mile high city of Denver, CO), we are wanting to have bigger government, we are wanting to take control, and we are wanting to be looked at as the most important and most honored person of all time. That sounds a lot like what Satan wants, and what better place to start that revolution of “hope”, “security”, and “love” for the world then the nation that was founded on Christian values.

I don’t know about you, but all of this talk about the conventions and Obama, and McCain, and HILLARY, is starting to sound a lot like that very thing: a new one world, focused on one people, with one belief: Liberty and Justice for all.

It is my belief that salvation in the devil can be set in stone with lust, pride, and control, but one of the major additions to the factors of sin is putting your faith in government, being patriotic for a pagan system, and voting to someone who is for all the things we are for, but going in the opposite direction.

An example for the hippie movement. For about a year now, I have really become a semi-hippie-like kid. Not because I like drugs, sex, and hugging trees, but because the movement inspired me to be a better follower of Christ. Now you’ve got to understand, I am not advocating that the hippie movement was good or brought anything good into the world. It certainly did not. But the passion that the hippie’s put into your movement and way of life is something we should look at and admire. They were of the world, and they were searching for the right things, but in the wrong places. Love, peace, unity… These are all things that are found in Jesus Christ, but they were searching for them too. They had the right purpose for living, but were looking in the wrong direction. Likewise, we should be more passionate for our movement of love and hope, that inspires the world. Yes, we might not find love in the world, but we have love, and apart of love’s journey in this unlovely world. It is time to look different, step out of our comfort and conformity to this world’s system, and start looking like the Christ we once knew.

The hippie’s were looking for it, the democrat’s and republican’s have long been looking for it, and we have it. We have true salvation, not in this world, like they do, but in Christ, the opposite of hatred, crime, and war, but not like the love that the world displays. That is the salvation of the devil. It looks so much like God, but is so far from him.

All of that was mostly a jam session, but thats all I have to say. Sorry if it seemed a little spread out… Feel free to respond as you wish.

Many blessings!


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  1. amoslanka said, on August 27, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    humanity’s God-complex at work. our existence is a continual building of the tower of babel.

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