Posted in Uncategorized by Stephen Stonestreet on June 4, 2008

In my heart,
in the presence of something larger than myself,
I stand in amazement,
thinking of the things that could change it,
change the way the world looks at my savior,
if only they knew,
that it is unimportant to know that God’s name,
starts with a capital G,
my Savior is something much more,
increasing in love and awareness
of the peace that passes my understanding in this world,
if only people could know,
the great joy that can come from this God,
a joy that is incomparable to the joy of this world,
a joy that only falls away after a few weeks,
and appears when it pleases,
the joy of my God, the one who loves me unconditionally,
His joy is independent and all-qualified,
to change the lives of the hurting and lost,
to make an ever change in the tears of our eyes,
even in the mourning sounds of a child who has lost their father,
there can be joy filled with hope for the future,
a future that will never end with death,
but will extend past a national clock,
and the eight years a president is in office,
it extends past the years we have lost with our loved ones,
because they gave up their lives for a war that is filled with
injustice and deceit,
non-enemy love and a compassion that only extends
within America’s borders,
that is not ending because of increasing greed and pride,
that kills because of the color of skin reflected by the sun,
that is caused by self-hatred and revenge,
left to those who just want a warm room at night,
and would do anything to get a meal to fill their stomachs,
death and disease
crawling all over the mothers and daughters
of a fatherless generation,
children fighting and dying,
for the life of their daddy’s,
being held captive in prison,
because they weren’t allowed to fight themselves,
this is the beginning of a old kind of love
returning with a new understanding,
a love that overflows the hearts of those who have lost loved ones,
a love that brings hope to those who have lost faith in the politics of this age,
a love that goes past borders and revolutionizes the ethnicity of fellow-countrymen,
a love that goes further than ones family or friends,
but to those who don’t have enough money to bath themselves,
a love that goes past beauty and romance,
and shows a new way to be beautiful:
living with a presence and personality that sparks the most “ugly” face,
and makes those “beauties” jealous of the eccentric ones,
this is a new type of understanding,
this is a new time for change,
a change in the type of dancing,
a type of dancing that water lilies haven’t learned,
a dance that alive n’s the spirit of long lost children
stuck in the old skull of wisdom and education,
and brings motion of devotion,
that has long been lost,
it is time.


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